beach treasures

One of our favourite things to do as a family is visit a body of water – be it creek, river, lake or sea.

We tend to split into two camps – the stone throwers and the foragers.

Magnus and Fraser are the stone throwers. Fraser likes to skim stones, so actually, he has to forage a bit for good skimmers.

Magnus just loves to throw stones in water. He has since he was tiny. So he stands at the water’s edge: plop! plop! plop!

Willoughby and I are the foragers – we mooch about picking up bits of shell, rock and plant that interest us.

I’ve taught Willoughby to, at the end of our visit, sort through everything he’s collected and only take home a couple of favourites. (‘Leave only footprints, take only photographs’ etc…) Both of us, with our magpie tendencies find it hard not to take a small treasure home.

Here is a photograph of us sorting through beach treasure from a recent visit. That’s my lap, and you can just see a bit of W at the top.

So many lovely things! You can see why it takes us a while to put some of them back.

4 responses to “beach treasures”

  1. Indeed, the majority of the time is spent scanning for likely skimmers. Finding a surpassingly fine one always involves a pang of disappointment – ‘pregret’ – will this be the ne plus ultra for today? And then I’m likely to throw it too hard and it knifes straight into the deeps. Often it’s the slightly unlikely ones, more casually flicked, that go ripping right across and bury themselves in the opposite bank.


  2. I have the same trouble leaving so many treasures behind. Sometimes I bring things home that looked so special on the beach and at home they look very nondescript. I guess somethings should just stay put eh? 🙂


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