there is no perfect time to do anything


I’m working two jobs, my garden is a weedy mess, in a week it is the school holidays, I have nearly 100 essays to grade, I’m training to teach yoga, lately I only get to see my husband at bedtime…

…golly gee, I think I might publish a book.

While I’m at it, why don’t I start a new blog?

Some of you might say ‘why start a blog right now, Helen?’ and cynically think that it is just to publicise the book, that it is all about self-interest and the blowing of one’s own trumpet…

You’d be right.

The book is coming out with a wonderful small press, Seraph. When you publish with a small press you are accepting that there is little marketing budget and everything you can do to promote your own book is going to help a lot.

Welcome to my self-promoting soap-box.

5 responses to “there is no perfect time to do anything”

  1. So so so so so so SO happy to find you blogging again! And what wonderful news to know a book is forthcoming! Sorry to hear about the overwhelming “To-do” list, and hope that you continue to do the things that make you feel good.

    (gleefully bookmarking your new blog!)


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