this is a post about the rugby world cup (kind of)

There’s a Rugby World Cup on.

I’ve noticed it more than I might usually because in my new job at the Palmerston North City Library, we are hosting public screenings of many of the matches which means I’ve been tying up flag bunting and making party food. (Who would have thought I could feel ambivalent about bunting? but the flag bunting is kind of cheap, synthetic and nasty…& probably made in China.) Up goes the Argentinian flags, down they come, up goes Samoan flags, down they come, up goes French flags…etc.

Anyway…rugby isn’t really my thing, but I was really moved to see this when I was walking the boys to school the other day….a house with a Tonga connection draped their entire front fence with beautiful Tapa cloth. It was quite a sight and made the boys stop and stare.

It beats that cheap nylon flag bunting any day.

2 responses to “this is a post about the rugby world cup (kind of)”

  1. Things I saw out walking is such a great topic for a blog post and one I intend to steal. Recently driving over the hill I’ve seen a car transporter (no celebrities), a boat transporter and a rat making a dash across the road.


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