green bean serene

Summer = season of green.

Broad beans until we can’t face another broad bean. There are some great broad beans recipes HERE.

I divided up my monster stinging nettle plant and now I have baby nettles thriving away. (Anyone local want a nettle plant?) There is a delicious herbal tea recipe featuring nettles HERE. It suggests it is a good autumn tea, but I like it year round. Nettles are a wonder herb and are seriously good for you – very high in iron, it also builds healthy blood cells and clears chest congestion, among other things. It also tastes great in soup – very savoury and iron-rich tasting.


Green polka dot sundress with my green roman sandals. Welcome in summer, you’ve been a long time coming this year!




4 thoughts on “green bean serene

  1. Good greens: I was delighted to find a single nettle in the garden this month — the first in years. Am nurturing it along with its companion peas. And I have a pinny like your skirt . . .


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