the drought breaks and with it my rage and I farewell the tomatoes

It’s been raining a good few days now – after nine weeks without rain, this wet stuff falling from the sky seems a miracle. How quickly the garden wakes up, too. From desperate and dusty, to enlivened, greening…drinking it all in… Just as well, because I was getting major ‘drought-rage’. What’s drought-rage? Drought-rage is walking … Continue reading the drought breaks and with it my rage and I farewell the tomatoes

reaping what you sow

Abundance of late: I do love my slightly-twee ‘picking’ basket, which I op-shopped last year. So much goodness coming out of the garden right now… But on the downside – there’s been a bit of a sneaky drought on here, lately. I say ‘sneaky’ because it hasn’t made the news but it is definitely very … Continue reading reaping what you sow

Rosy cheeks

I got a horrible cold last weekend. One of those ones where your bones ache and your eyes run and you fill a bag with tissues in a few hours and you go hot then cold then hot then cold…for a couple of days I drank only miso soup and honey/lemon/ginger drinks, and felt pretty … Continue reading Rosy cheeks

good year, bad year

Good year – beets… Bad year – carrots… I love the way vegetable gardeners (and farmers, no doubt) talk in terms of ‘good year’/’bad year’ for produce. It has not been the best summer ever in my vegetable garden, but like every year there have been highs and lows. Bad year: Corn – after several … Continue reading good year, bad year