seed heads

Often, if a plant isn’t taking up space I need for something else, I’ll let it go to seed. Partly because then it will drop it’s seed everywhere and next year I might get plant babies, and partly because I love seeing what plants do when they go to seed.

Have you ever let a leek go to seed?

They grow up and up into a crazy tall spindles, with a Hundertwasser-like turret on the top which eventually explodes open into a purple pom-pom! It’s almost worth letting a few go to seed as temporary garden sculptures:

I also like parsley seed heads. They are pretty and similar to their plant cousins, Cow Parsley which you often see growing on the edges of fields in the countryside, and Queen Anne’s Lace.

I am somewhat in love with Queen Anne’s Lace and have tried to grow it in my garden this year, but because it prefers to grow in a grassy environment, it isn’t all that happy in my flower beds – it’s a bit droopy and lonely-looking. It is still lovely, though. It’s also known as wild carrot, because the roots are edible. This is the sort of thing I like to know, even though I’ll probably never dig up one to eat the root! Aah, useless esoteric knowledge…

Seedheads I am not so fond of are dandelion seed heads, because even though they are lovely – everytime one blows in my garden I know it means a lot of weeding….and grass seedheads for the same reason.

4 responses to “seed heads”

  1. I love a good seed head! And quite often my leeks bypass the edible phase and go straight to the Hundertwasser turret phase. I let all my kale go to seed too – lots of lovely yellow flowers. Are you any good at seed collecting? That’s the part I forget.


  2. Yes, I let my leeks go to seed for the first time, to watch them change into things of beauty that the bees go wild over. Sometimes I do the same with rocket, to please the bees and add some wildness to our very ordered garden.


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