fresh inspiration

When is an ‘inspiration wall’ not an inspiration wall? When it’s been up for almost two years and you’ve stopped seeing it anymore… I have a creative room out in my backyard. Our garage was converted to a sleepout by previous owners and now we’ve set it up so half of it is guest-room (well, … Continue reading fresh inspiration

sitting a house

Here are some photographs of the house we sat on our holiday. It belonged to a friend-of-a-friend so was not familiar to us – hence it had that nice mysteriousness of the home of someone you only slightly know. It was a great place for a holiday. I love house-sitting more than motels/hotels. All the … Continue reading sitting a house

Candy Floss Trees

These trees are all in leaf now, but a coupla weeks back we took a walk to the Victoria Esplanade to check out the Cherry Blossoms and they didn’t disappoint. Candy-tufted trees looking all ridiculously Dr. Seuss-like. I think I’ve mentioned before, Jolie Holland has a song called ‘Springtime Can Kill You’ and I feel … Continue reading Candy Floss Trees