‘May I admire you again today?’

5 thoughts on “‘May I admire you again today?’”

  1. I watched this recently and all I could think of was the rather creepy/co-dependent relationship she had with her dad. Yuck. And she SO should’ve chose Duckie he had style (and he loved her). But then children of alcoholics often choose unsuitable partners…


  2. I agree that Molly should have chosen Duckie. Characters often make the wrong choices in John Hughes movies – like Ally Sheedy going all pink at the end of The Breakfast Club. Gah! Maybe that’s deliberate – maybe John Hughes knew they were making the wrong choices, but he knew that most of his viewers wouldn’t realise until later, later when _they’d_ made their wrong choices too. Maybe he knew he was making tragedies in comedy’s clothes.


  3. I know now (or by the age of 17) that Molly (Molly! I love her too!) should have chosen Duckie, but when I was 14 and first saw the movie I was not evolved enough to disagree with her choice of Blaine. I was not even dark enough to think she should have gone with James Spader. Blaine melted my 14-year-old heart. But as I’ve noted before, you were precociously cool, Helen! But oh, Duckie! Please, please, please, let him get what he wanted. He probably did by the time he was 22. Probably all the girls and boys were fighting over him. Oh, but what a movie! And Molly’s friend, the one with the dresses. The travesty of Molly cutting up that gorgeous 50s frock – but I kind of respect her for that, even though at the time I didn’t like the results. The music, the op-shops, the record store, that dance Duckie does to that soul song, Andy’s dad – it makes me so nostalgic!! Thanks for this, Helen. Beautiful post as always.


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