Setting the year ablaze

For the last few years, I’ve chosen a word for the year – something to mull over, to set intention, to facilitate ongoing inner growth… For a few years there, the word was ‘No’, as in learning to say no, to be assertive, to DISCERN what was and wasn’t important to me… Last year’s word … Continue reading Setting the year ablaze

gosh, thanks!

A couple of posts ago I was having a bit of a frazzled time of it and I asked (very unsubtly and in a way lacking in grace) for some nice snail mail….half-joking, not thinking much of the spontaneous appeal as it went from my typing fingers to the internet ether… …and I got some! … Continue reading gosh, thanks!

old roses

Black Doris did really well on Friday. She made me a little bit of cash and garnered many compliments on her fine appearance. Fun was had. * I’m having one of those times of life where the dial goes from ‘happily busy’ into ‘OVERWHELM‘ *cue obnoxious siren noise, flashing lights, general chaos* … When the … Continue reading old roses

‘Tastes like a bonfire of recalled Barbie Dolls’: a family Japanese KitKat tasting…

My friend Emma recently went to Japan and she gave me a big bag of Japanese snack-sized KitKats she bought back. KitKats come in manifold flavours in Japan. Emma said there were whole shops which just sold KitKats! Over a game of Carcassonne, Fraser (42), Willoughby (13) and I (41) had a KitKat tasting. (Magnus was … Continue reading ‘Tastes like a bonfire of recalled Barbie Dolls’: a family Japanese KitKat tasting…

the wayfarer mind

Do you ever get exhausted from your own wayfarer mind? The places your mind goes, the depths of emotion, the distracting fantasies, the picking over of memories, the rampant imaginings? I do love my own company, but wow, busy old brain! It’s a riot and a rampage in there… The other day I was gardening and … Continue reading the wayfarer mind


To the lovely women who took the time to respond last week – thank you so much for your encouraging, funny, wise and supportive comments on my last angsty-emotional-Tourettes post. It helped. A lot. More than I can express. Thank you. x     Continue reading gratitude