inspiration books

14 thoughts on “inspiration books”

  1. You make these so beautiful they are art pieces in themselves, bound to uplift and inspire when ideas hide
    in the midst of dark winter days!


  2. I made quite a few of these sorts of books in my younger days, but these days I can’t justify spending money on magazines so I’ve got nothing to cut up! Pinterest forms my inspiration books.. not as pretty but same deal, I guess.


  3. I love these! I do something similar, for similar reasons, and what I like most is that the process always sparks more connections and I end up rushing to my notebook. I’m going to have a little snip and stick today – inspired! and intrigued by ‘don’t ask amanda’…


  4. They’re gorgeous! I love keeping inspiration scrapbooks too…I started keeping them to keep some of my bits and bobs off my walls and out of my drawing sketchbooks, which were starting to burst at the seams!


    1. Yay!

      After posting this an ‘in real life’ friend commented she didn’t know how I found the time to do this – which took me aback a little…I think because it happens a little at a time over a long time, it doesn’t feel like it takes much time at all.

      Viva la inspiration!


  5. wow.these are amazing, helen! now i must start a similar book. you’ve inspired me. i never buy magazines either but i often see them in opshops… i will start collecting and snipping.


  6. Your scrapbooks are amazing Helen. I used to feel bad about cutting pictures out of magazines, but putting together your own groupings of inspirational things completely justifies the act. And Yay for the old fashioned kind of ‘cut and paste’ with, scissors, glue and newsprint!


    1. Thanks, Bronwyn, yes! like ‘Pinterest’ but IRL. Ha ha! I was just thinking today how old-fashioned I am about how I do things…in some areas it is a good thing, in other areas…I could definitely ‘upskill’…


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