gifts from the thrift

How is the first official week of winter treating you? (Game of Thrones fans will get the reference here….)


Here is some vegetable bunting I made for the kitchen because….well, just because:


Here’s some stuff from the op-shop lately. (I buy most of my clothes from the op-shop also, but they aren’t all that exciting to photograph.) The sweet, the curious and the plain old strange have come my way…

Something about this wee vintage dog appealed to me – the way he is obviously such a good dog and his face is on that angle of appealing to a person standing near….also he is standing on the tucker box – guarding it, or wanting to eat it’s contents…?




New (to-me) art for the wall – an American Jay bird. I love the pencil of the foliage and the way only the bird is coloured. This is on wood and has a kind of enameled or something surface. Quite unusual.


A Holly Hobbie tile, mounted on wood. This will go to one of the manifold little girls in my life.


Not op-shopped, but these two sweeties were being thrown out when Fraser’s grandfather moved house, so I duly rescued them.


Finally, a strange little mushroom man. Yes, I am aware that he is quite penile in appearance…I think this is partly what appealed. He’s like a wee fertility totem! 🙂


This is why I love op-shopping – the randomness, the chance – you just never know what you might uncover. It really is a treasure hunt.



3 responses to “gifts from the thrift”

  1. My mother had a whole box of those little Bambies, some of them with limbs snapped off already. I rescued them all and had a Bambie hospital on my book shelf with toothpick leg splints. Then I got older and cleared my shelves for Smiths tapes. I wonder what became of the Bambies…


  2. I love Holly Hobbie. My most treasured HH item was a pair of nylon knee socks with a HH girl printed on the side. I’m sure I wore them til they were shredded anklets… I’ve noticed a slight Holly Hobbie-ish tendency creeping into some of my outfits these days. Might make myself a sunbonnet for the garden next summer and embrace it fully.


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