gifts from the thrift

How is the first official week of winter treating you? (Game of Thrones fans will get the reference here….) Here is some vegetable bunting I made for the kitchen because….well, just because: Here’s some stuff from the op-shop lately. (I buy most of my clothes from the op-shop also, but they aren’t all that exciting … Continue reading gifts from the thrift

indoor plant life

I had this idea about myself that I couldn’t do indoor plants, after killing off a few African violets and cyclamens…but then one friend gave me some unkillable mother-in-law’s tongue and another friend gave me a cutting off her giant begonia which is now growing in my living room window like a triffid so I … Continue reading indoor plant life

little blue shoes

  I op-shopped this pair of little blue 1970s leather shoes recently, for a friend who had a just had a girl baby. I had a pair just like it when I was wee. I remember wearing them with white knee-socks and one of those woollen kilts with the white cotton top attached. (Does anyone … Continue reading little blue shoes

new to me lately

Aah, op-shopping. It’s such a random treasure hunt. (Or junk, depending on your perspective.) You might go to the mall with a shopping list and come home with the stuff on your list…but if you go to the op-shop with a list it is a rare treat to find the things on your list… Then … Continue reading new to me lately

red and white

Lately from the op-shop – red and white things: This white hand-potted vase (on the right) which I immediately filled with whilte gladioli from my garden. Hard to see here, but the vase has a delicious milky glaze. This sweet 1980s metal geranium tray. And a summer skirt with GIANT poppies on it. (I hope … Continue reading red and white