Adventures in Writing! & adventures in hibernating

If there are any locals (Manawatu, New Zealand) reading – I am about to start this:


Although I hope people will come every week – I am aiming to have each session work as an independent writing experience, so people might come to just one and get a good fix of inspiration, or come to each one and add community to their writing experience.

Either way, ….Hoorah! 


I’m also going to have a wee break from this space. I will know how long for when I feel the urge to blog again and break the break. Consider me a moomintroll crawling into my bed for the winter’s hibernation. (Having said that, I am currently re-reading Moominland in Winter, where Moomin breaks out of his usual hibernation and sees snow for the first time. Rules are made for the heady rush of the exception to them, and all that…)

Before I go, five happy things:

I just bought some floral Converse on trademe for an absolute song. Oh happy days! – one of my life goals achieved.

My 14 year old son just made sushi! Colour me PROUD.

I went to see the movie ‘What we do in the shadows’ yesterday. Oh my sides, it’s funny. & Sweet. & Gruesome.

Sometimes I get bored with my yoga home practice and so I do youtube videos. My go-to for this has been Chaz Rough for a long time, but I’ve discovered a new good one with short (20-30min) classes – Yoga With Adriene. It’s great! She’s a lovely, upbeat teacher and the yoga is very achievable, nourishing and relaxing. Very much recommended!

I bought a wooden dining chair today from an opshop. I was on foot and a long way from home, so I slung it over my shoulder like something Lady Gaga might wear. It turns out that if you walk long distance carrying a chair, people smile at you more, some people laugh, too. Some people offer you a lift. Some people say ‘Why are you carrying a chair?’ … I suggest you carry a chair through the city if you are feeling lonely. People will talk to you! 🙂


See you when I see you! & KEEP WARM!

x Helen



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