Juliette of the Herbs

I found a fantastic website the other day where you can watch hundreds of ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ documentaries for free. It’s HERE – CHECK IT OUT. I love documentaries. I prefer them to ‘fictional’ films, just as in literature I prefer non-fiction to fiction. (I think of poetry as non-fiction – you can argue with … Continue reading Juliette of the Herbs

seed heads

Often, if a plant isn’t taking up space I need for something else, I’ll let it go to seed. Partly because then it will drop it’s seed everywhere and next year I might get plant babies, and partly because I love seeing what plants do when they go to seed. Have you ever let a … Continue reading seed heads

The Comforter Cocktail

(this is the last post about the book launches, you might be relieved to read…) The Comforter Cocktail (We made this in a big punch bowl, but of course you can make it by the glass also.) One part Blackcurrant Vodka Four parts soda water Enough rose-infused sugar syrup to make it pink and tasty. … Continue reading The Comforter Cocktail

red and white

Lately from the op-shop – red and white things: This white hand-potted vase (on the right) which I immediately filled with whilte gladioli from my garden. Hard to see here, but the vase has a delicious milky glaze. This sweet 1980s metal geranium tray. And a summer skirt with GIANT poppies on it. (I hope … Continue reading red and white

lean in

I went to the Pohangina valley. Clean spring green. PIcked up heart shaped rocks. Picked up broken glass. Picked up. They were throwing stones in the water. I walked away from the splashing. I walked past the Friday night fire pits, the Woodstock cans and pizza boxes. The trees along the bank were just flowering. … Continue reading lean in

infectious ideas

A great thing about having creative friends is that they do clever things which inspire me to also do clever things (a.k.a steal their ideas.) Creativity is infectious, I reckon. Anyway, a while back Emma McCleary made this fabulous tapestry floor rug. She saw a photograph of one online, spent three years collecting tapestries from … Continue reading infectious ideas