colour in the winter vegetable garden

7 thoughts on “colour in the winter vegetable garden”

  1. yum yum french breakfast radishes! don’t seem to grow well in pots unfortunately (or I don’t water my pots enough probably). That silverbeet photo could win a prize! Almost makes it look yummy.


  2. Ha ha – aah silverbeet – so pretty, yet so iron-tasting.

    I have a glut of it at the moment, too – not the most exciting glut to have – but I’m plotting up some ways to use it all….lie back and think of the iron and vitamin C, Helen. 😉 x


  3. I’m growing my first fall/winter garden this year. I chose carrots (which I found “carnival carrots” in purple, yellow and orange”, beets and butternut squash. I have other “green” vegetables, but those , of course, aren’t colorful. Ornamental kale may be a good choice to add color. I add it to soups and stir fries even though it’s “ornamental”. I have found that it attracts aphids, though. Other types of squash would be colorful, too: pumpkin, acorn squash, etc, if you have the room.


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