mycology walk

After I read that Emma had spotted an autumn toadstool on her walk, I had a yearning to go on a mushroom/toadstool hunt in the bush. So last Sunday I took my family out for a ramble around a bush track on the Woodville end of the Manawatu Gorge, looking out for autumnal fungi. I … Continue reading mycology walk

harvest time

I was talking to a friend on the phone is early-January and she said: ‘I bet your vege garden is going for it right now’ and I said ‘Actually, no, we are only really getting salad greens and herbs – everything is still growing.” How quickly this changes! A couple of weeks after that, we … Continue reading harvest time

kitchen daze

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen over the weekend – prepping food out of the garden for the winter months, making food for the family and doing a bit of Virgoan re-organisation. I love hanging out in the kitchen – I listen to podcasts, or just mull through the detritus in my … Continue reading kitchen daze

St. Valentine’s Day

I’m not going to say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ because I know 73% of the population despise it….but this IS a Valentine’s Day post. This is my favourite vintage Valentine. It’s wonderfully saucy for something so chaste – & the cat is definitely about to eat that cherub:     My ex-colleagues from my last job … Continue reading St. Valentine’s Day