mycology walk

Last weekend I had a yearning to go on a mushroom/toadstool hunt in the bush.  I took my family out for a ramble around a bush track on the Woodville end of the Manawatu Gorge, looking out for autumnal fungi. I was not disappointed! There were some wonderful red toadstools. Bright orange fungus: Tiny ethereal … Continue reading mycology walk

abandoned mattresses

Some neighbours moved out and left two mattresses on their front verge. (Where they then stayed for some weeks, until finally the real estate agent selling the house hauled them away. Isn’t it funny how people think if they leave something on the curb it suddenly counts as ‘rubbish’ and will magically disappear….?) I love … Continue reading abandoned mattresses

open heart

(Life is) “…a slow, elated, awed recovery from humiliation.” -Geoff Cochrane On New Year’s Eve we climbed the hill behind the house and drank wine until the sun had gone. I gnawed on grass stems because they tasted like peas. When clouds crossed the moon, I couldn’t see your face and you talked about the … Continue reading open heart