travel in a tin

Often when I mooch around a deli it is the food packaging that catches my eye more than the contents.

Chillies from Mexico…

Smoked paprika from Spain…

Plain old tinned tomatoes from Italy…but somehow the Italians manage to make a quotidian product look appealing. Those bold, shiny tomatoes against that black background. Whoar!

(Although this is obviously their export packaging because the text is in English.)

I like the packaging so much…I’m loathe to eat the contents because I like having the tins on my shelf…cheering me up with their hints of hot, exotic locations and a life less ordinary.

3 responses to “travel in a tin”

  1. That smoked paprika is awesome! I have three different kinds at the moment – hot, sweet and bittersweet. They make everything yummier.

    BTW, loving your keywords!


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