snatched creativity

4 thoughts on “snatched creativity”

  1. “Something about the urgency of snatching the time makes me more determined, more tenacious” I so envy this. I got too tired and pretty much gave up


  2. this is a great topic helen and i always love to hear what other women have to say about managing their time.

    lately i’ve gotten better (this has taken years of work- 8 years to be precise!) at letting go of that frustration of not being able to work for long periods of time on something, and instead trying to look forward to the next moment that i can go back to it.

    early bedtimes (8pm or so) for the kids is pretty important in our house- i make black coffee and tom and i stay up late working on our projects while the kids read in bed then fall asleep… i just like knowing that there is time in the evenings when i can do my creative work.


    1. Black coffee at night?? You wild woman. So you don’t find it keeps you awake later when you are trying to sleep?

      Yes, you get into a new pattern of working, aye? LIttle intense bursts instead of prolonged periods.


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