peel the beet

9 thoughts on “peel the beet”

  1. Love the tip about peeling them underwater! And yes, you exactly describe the dirt-esque flavour they can have…I find if they’re very fresh I can eat them raw but if they’ve been sitting round for a while the dirt flavour becomes accentuated and they have a strange bitterness, too.

    I love them topped, tailed, wrapped in foil and slowly roasted, or chopped up in a very pink risotto 🙂


  2. I love the peeling under running water tip. I like them raw with a scrummy tahini dressing in a salad, but I am making your recipe for lunch…without stained hands!

    And I love that the members of my house who profess to dislike beetroot have been eating beet greens all winter. Makes me smile watching them eat dinner!


  3. Raw beetroot is very good grated with equal quantities of carrot and apple. Squeeze over lemon and/or orange juice. No dirt flavour (although the younger the beet the better).


  4. Love Love Love Beetroot!

    Mine are coming to an end but I am hoping that I’ll get another crop in before summer hits too hard over here in the West.

    I’ll be taking note of all the other ideas however I mostly enjoy mine chopped to bite size, roasted with sweet potatoes & pumpkin, cooled, then tossed in lettuce (from the neighbouring bed) with chunks of Danish Feta and maybe a dollop of homemade Hommous.


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