a quick autumn knit

I’ve been knitting a few of these lately – somewhere between a cowl and a thin scarf – they are simple and quick to knit. I knitted a dark grey one for myself, a lighter grey one for a friend’s birthday and this bright orange and pink one for another friend. I wanted something that … Continue reading a quick autumn knit

The Comforter Cocktail

(this is the last post about the book launches, you might be relieved to read…) The Comforter Cocktail (We made this in a big punch bowl, but of course you can make it by the glass also.) One part Blackcurrant Vodka Four parts soda water Enough rose-infused sugar syrup to make it pink and tasty. … Continue reading The Comforter Cocktail

beets and pieces

First some writing news – Fourth Floor Literary Journal is up and I have two poems in it! Yay! You can read them HERE. Back HERE I mentioned my friend Helen wrote an essay about ‘Taking Care’ (killing) ‘Of Animals’. It’s also in 4th Floor. It is a funny, chilling read – you can read … Continue reading beets and pieces

snatched creativity

Mothers who are also creatives (writers/artists/musicians etc) are extremely resourceful in terms of snatching creative time from days that fill up (and sometimes overflow) with children and domestic stuff and work. I feel like everything I make is done in intense short bursts, taking half an hour here, an hour there, ten minutes over here … Continue reading snatched creativity