a spot o’ sewing

In the interests of clearing out a bit of ‘chi’ in THE CAVE OF FORGOTTEN CRAFT, I finished off two skirts I had half-made ages ago (like, years…) One was a simple wrap skirt, but I used three different fabrics for the three panels (why stick to one??)…two thrifted bits and one piece of new … Continue reading a spot o’ sewing

sunny side up

Here’s the latest of my ‘mattresses in op-shops’ finds – a sunny 70s floral. The bathroom of my childhood home had wallpaper very similar to this. 70s florals are like an instant time-travel to being a kid again for me. My flickr group of mattress photos is slowly growing, come and play HERE if you … Continue reading sunny side up

collage with fabric

A couple of fabric collages I made. (Photos are a little blurry – I think my ancient camera is starting to fail me.) I’m not sure if that is the right term – I’ve seen similar things called ‘mini-quilts’ but that seems a little absurd to me…unless they are quilts for dolls or mice. Continue reading collage with fabric

harvest weekend

It was a big harvest weekend in the garden – I did a lot of garden/kitchen stuff which I will tell you about over this week. Here’s a start: I pulled all the dying summer crops out of our biggest garden bed – all the tomato plants, harvested the pumpkins, the last celery, lettuces going … Continue reading harvest weekend


My clothes are wearing me. Trying me on, shrugging me off. I don’t fit right – although the mirror is kinder than the mind. Who are these clothes, with their demands and attention-seeking pin-tucks? The synthetic sparkle sloughs my skin, glamorous sandpaper. The Mexican dress makes me all the more gringa. I have woken up … Continue reading peeling