the poppies live on

6 thoughts on “the poppies live on”

  1. Lovely to read this, because I like the low-labour self-sustaining garden too. And it’s amazing how it changes. This year, after years & years with different poppies all over the place I have just one poppy. But a riot of calendula and more white borage than usual. Just a few tiny camomiles after years with lots. And the violets have taken off, so late winter there were a lot of those snaking all over the place.


  2. I love poppies and it was inexpressibly lovely to revisit that page, ‘what poppies see’!, of your old blog. I’m poppy-less and scattered some seeds a few weeks ago. I can see my neighbour’s red poppies across the road standing strong and bright. I’ve got a ‘posh poppy’ or three: paeonies. They take themselves too seriously to self seed (a shame) but I love their dignified, precious beauty (cost me a lot each from the paeony garden, the OPPOSITE of darling poppies)- perennial as well. They are in BUD, in BUD…mmmm


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