porch sitting


It’s quite the year for foxgloves – they have self-seeded everywhere and are growing tall and pretty, especially around the front porch.

People don’t seem to use front (street-facing) porches, but mine gets the morning sun, so I put a little table made from an old sewing machine base and chair there for morning cups of tea. Passers-by always startle if they spot me – as if I were lurking on my own property, ha ha!

Sun has been a rare thing around here this spring and I’m despairing a bit at my vegetable garden. Seeds I have planted are not sprouting (could it be because we’ve had an unseasonal frost every week since September?) and the summer seedlings I’ve planted are either not growing at all or are withering. It doesn’t look like a November garden.

But on the mornings a bit of sun does show up…


4 responses to “porch sitting”

  1. I find it so hilarious and also sad that people are suprised to find you sitting on your own porch, as if it is somehow unseemly. It looks like a lovely spot to be. And hey, you might even meet your neighbours!


  2. Wow, the foxgloves look amazing, mine have done the same, they are so cool. My veggie garden is going slow but the broad beans are enjoying the rain. You’re right though when the sun shines its great to grab it


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