Rocky Outcrop hits The Swamp in just one week…

This time next week I will be sipping chamomile tea to calm my nerves because I’ll be mere hours away from chairing the Palmerston North leg of the Rocky Outcrop Tour of Kirsten McDougall, Ashleigh Young and Pip Adam. RockyOutcrop BIG

Who are these people?

They have a blog for the tour – you can read a bit about them here on their about page. 

Pip Adam is my friend so I am completely biased in my opinions of her, but trust me – the woman is brilliant and so is her book ‘Everything We Hoped For’ – stories full of searing honesty and humanity, I’ve read it several times and it gets richer with each reading. Steve Braunias once called Ashleigh Young a ‘poppet genius’ – a claim no doubt hard for her to live up to because how can one present as a ‘poppet’ past the age of about seven? but the notion that she is often genius in her musings is hard to argue with. Kirsten McDougall’s debut novel ‘The Invisible Rider’ examines with great insight and compassion the inner life of an ordinary and very recognisable man, doing his best and worrying about myriad contemporary problems. It a compassionate and absorbing read.

Each writer will read some of their work and there will be a conversation about writing, as well. These are three exciting and dynamic writers, who have all written remarkable first books. It is a FREE event – woohoo! – but do consider bringing some cash along to buy a book or two, perhaps.

I hope to see you there, Palmerston North locals!

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