picking up what the wind drops

4 thoughts on “picking up what the wind drops”

  1. I like to think that it’s a lovely mix of saviour and domestic goddess in you that invites you to draw closer to beauty and abundance.


  2. Fracking is something we are hearing about on a daily basis over here in Oz. In WA we seem to be holding the demons at bay however parts of QLD are suffering. A friends daughter has started a policial party to try and stop it from happening as her parents farm down south was going to be mined….I hope the media gets a sniff of what’s planned near you soon as they seem to be the ones that bring it to everyones attention and make the difference.

    In the mean time keep looking and noticing and have a walnut for me!


  3. i really love this post- i really like the way you write about your environment. we need more helens around the place.

    i snoop and creep for plants and fruit, too. but it’s harder to find them in central wellington. still look though.

    ugh, fracking. it’s scary that all is quiet on the media front. actually, there’s something i could do about that. will send some emails this evening.


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