beets and pieces

First some writing news – Fourth Floor Literary Journal is up and I have two poems in it! Yay! You can read them HERE.

Back HERE I mentioned my friend Helen wrote an essay about ‘Taking Care’ (killing) ‘Of Animals’. It’s also in 4th Floor. It is a funny, chilling read – you can read it HERE.


I continue to be tired. It’s like when you’re on a Merry-Go-Round and you jump off and you have to run so you don’t fall over and then you feel a bit dizzy and woozy until you get your balance back. That’s me right now.


The Beetroot liquid makes a great vegetable dye (the vinegar in it acts as the ‘fixer’.)

After we ate the beets, I had some beautiful hand-spun wool that a friend had given me, but it was in pastel colours. I prefer stronger colours so I dyed it with the beet juice. Here is how it turned out:

What am I going to use the wool for? No idea. Back into the stash cupboard it goes for now.

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