i am back in town – do you hear me

The new chair sits next to the older chair and it looks like they are having a conversation. (Maybe I have been reading THIS book too much?)


I find this slid under my door. How intriguing!

Except it isn’t. It turns out to be from a religious zealot, just letting me know if I don’t confess my sins I will burn in hell forever.

How much more interesting if it had been from an old friend who wanted my attention….or a musician who really, really wanted me to come to his gig….or anything else, really. Still, great title!


When I took the kids to the museum, I experienced what I would look like with skinny legs in the hall of mirrors. I stood lookiing at my illusory skinny legs for far too long:


Then I became a giant on the new Museum carpet:


Finally, with the colder weather – the monsters return for hibernation. They leave their feet at our back door:

8 responses to “i am back in town – do you hear me”

  1. Cool post! Almost like a children’s book for adults. Also, as a mildly pedantic editor, I am delighted to see that the carpet has a macron above the u in Manawatū. Hope the monsters are friendly.


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