art will eat itself

I am working on two writing projects at the moment (around the day job, the kids, the endless house-keeping and cooking)…

One is my next collection of poems and the other is less simple – a project involving over a decade of journals. I am scanning a whole lot of journal pages from 1999-2012…it will be a very visual book. This project is tricky – I haven’t quite found my way with it yet. It’s like it isn’t sure what it wants to be….I don’t want it to be a ‘how to’ about journaling, because I don’t find those books especially helpful myself…plus I don’t think I have much to add to that canon….however it may have elements of that. I am writing some prose pieces to sit amongst the scanned journal pages, but I’m not sure they are right in tone. It’s like I am putting together a book that is almost devouring itself – like the OUROBOROS.

I’m both sharing parts of my journals and yet critiquing them and journaling and the creative process all at once.  It’s all very messy and more than a little scary, however I’m going to keep chipping away at it and trust that as I work the shape of the book will become clear. Basically, I am trying to write the sort of book I would be excited to find in a bookshop….full of images, honesty, ruminations on creative process, thoughtful mess.

In the meantime, I take comfort from writers who have gone before me.

‘Any writer who knows what he is doing isn’t doing very much.’

-Nelson Algren


‘The furtherest out you can go is the best place to be.’

-Stanley Elkin’

9 responses to “art will eat itself”

  1. Your journaling and everything else book sounds AMAZING. My main concern is when you are WORLD FAMOUS, will you still be my friend? How wonderful too to see Wabi-sabi in 2012 Best NZ Poems. xM


  2. Ready to pre-order your journal book RIGHT NOW. I have been making books using old unloved opshop hard backs and filling them with random foldings of paper sewn up with dental floss. Scared they will turn into menu planners and shopping lists – and so sure I have more to say than that!


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