a portrait of the (visiting) artist

Here’s some photos of the Massey Visiting Artist apartment where I am working during the day. The apartment is FREEZING. Thank goodness for tea – the instant hand-warmer.

Here is the view from the living room – I can see the steeple of All Saint’s Church from the sofa where I sit to work.


And out of the bathroom window I can see the steeple again, reflected in a big blue skyscraper.


Black and white lino in the kitchen which reminds me of mountain topography…


If I’m looking down, I should look up, too… the ceiling is classic 70s pegboard…


Teacups on the kitchen shelf…I wonder which visiting artist contributed these? Johanna Aitchison? Vivienne Plumb? Jennifer Compton?


The flat’s only reading material…


I put some things on the wall to gaze at when I’m thinking…


Here is the coffee table I am using as a desk….


Here’s what I got out from the Massey Library this week. So many yummy books!


Here is where I sit to read and write….usually covered in blankets because of the cold.


Here’s me. Still in shock (and extremely grateful) that I get to come here every day and write for three whole months!  Lucky, lucky life.


6 responses to “a portrait of the (visiting) artist”

  1. I am so excited to think of you in this space, reading, reclining, writing, sipping. And I know you will make the very most of the opportunity. And I look forward to seeing the results, because they will be spectacular. Baby. Spectacular.


  2. I really enjoyed this post.
    Slightly off topic – your hair is looking WONDERFUL. Makes me want to cut mine shorter.. hmm..


  3. Fabulous! I love the stack of yummy library books.
    My residency was also very cold (an unlined basement studio) and then during the summer, it was ridiculously hot. Small price to pay for the luxury of being paid to do whatever you want. Have fun!


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