harvest time

I was talking to a friend on the phone is early-January and she said: ‘I bet your vege garden is going for it right now’ and I said ‘Actually, no, we are only really getting salad greens and herbs – everything is still growing.” How quickly this changes! A couple of weeks after that, we … Continue reading harvest time

in the garden

I just got a new camera. It’s nothing fancy, but it has a better macro setting than my last nothing-fancy camera – so I broke it in by taking it for a walk around the garden: Borage… Nasturtiums… Frilly pink poppy… Tiny strawberry flower… Chamomile… Rose-geranium… Parsley seed-heed… Continue reading in the garden

this week

I had the best cafe breakfast EVER – avocado mashed with feta and mint on sourdough toast with a poached egg on top, at Tomato Cafe: I DIDN’T buy these things from the op-shop: Horse fire-guard. I love these gothy horses…but I don’t have a fire that needs guarding… Gorgeous Magnolia plate….but $25?? C’mon, op-shops, … Continue reading this week