an everyday dreamer

  (Sweet peas from my garden. I planted them amongst the bean vines.)  I was trawling my photographs looking for blog inspiration and I thought – Geez, there are so many random shots which aren’t really ‘about’ anything….’ …and there I found this post.   (Friends of mine have a red window at the end … Continue reading an everyday dreamer

fresh inspiration

When is an ‘inspiration wall’ not an inspiration wall? When it’s been up for almost two years and you’ve stopped seeing it anymore… I have a creative room out in my backyard. Our garage was converted to a sleepout by previous owners and now we’ve set it up so half of it is guest-room (well, … Continue reading fresh inspiration

Hullo, you fullas.

  (Because I can no longer buy fabulous coloured Roman Sandals due to the sad closure of the Douglas Sandals factory in Auckland, I buy black ones when I see them about and customise them. These ones I painted with silver glitter nailpolish for that ‘night sky on your feet’ feeling…) A week and a … Continue reading Hullo, you fullas.