Hullo, you fullas.

  (Because I can no longer buy fabulous coloured Roman Sandals due to the sad closure of the Douglas Sandals factory in Auckland, I buy black ones when I see them about and customise them. These ones I painted with silver glitter nailpolish for that ‘night sky on your feet’ feeling…) A week and a … Continue reading Hullo, you fullas.

take care

I like the ‘nesting’ quality of winter. The retreat of it….withdrawing, restoring… I put more effort into meals, into keeping everyone warm, into creature comforts. I try to go a bit slower and breathe a bit deeper. I do yoga to keep warm, I tote a hot water bottle around the house….and I eat a … Continue reading take care

Links are boss

Creepy bunny says…   …but I would be lying if I were to say I felt the same. You see, we are into week 6 of the school holidays so, apart from one week of paid work, every day has been the weekend for a long time now. I am a bit jaded at this … Continue reading Links are boss