the birthday cloth

9 thoughts on “the birthday cloth”

  1. Ironing is one of my favourite household task, I’m glad you also know this pleasure. I am not much of a collector or a hoarder so my vintage textile collection is pretty small and sadly largely unused simply because my table is a work table, I eat on my lap and I don’t entertain. So very nice to have vicarious pleasure in your linens.


  2. also, i completely agree with your philosophy, as does my mom. i grew up using our family’s vintage silver. people would come over and couldn’t believe it, but my mom thought there’s no point in owning it if we don’t use it! it really made the silver forks and knives a part of our lives instead of something metal that sat in a cabinet. and whenever i use them i think about my family long ago!


  3. Hi Helen
    I’ve been reading and running – so wanted to let you know I’m really enjoying your blog. I was particularly taken with the birthday cloth, I’ve been making xmas themed placemats lately and stashing them away in the xmas box ready to be brought out with pomp and ceremony come December. I have my Great Granny’s cake forks,and cake is 200% more special as a result.


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