a portrait of the (visiting) artist

Here’s some photos of the Massey Visiting Artist apartment where I am working during the day. The apartment is FREEZING. Thank goodness for tea – the instant hand-warmer. Here is the view from the living room – I can see the steeple of All Saint’s Church from the sofa where I sit to work. And out … Continue reading a portrait of the (visiting) artist

mycology walk

Last weekend I had a yearning to go on a mushroom/toadstool hunt in the bush.  I took my family out for a ramble around a bush track on the Woodville end of the Manawatu Gorge, looking out for autumnal fungi. I was not disappointed! There were some wonderful red toadstools. Bright orange fungus: Tiny ethereal … Continue reading mycology walk

abandoned mattresses

Some neighbours moved out and left two mattresses on their front verge. (Where they then stayed for some weeks, until finally the real estate agent selling the house hauled them away. Isn’t it funny how people think if they leave something on the curb it suddenly counts as ‘rubbish’ and will magically disappear….?) I love … Continue reading abandoned mattresses

a sudden break

My writing has taken off over the last couple of weeks, which is a relief because I was feeling a bit barren and uninspired after the summer hols and obviously needed a good few weeks of thinking time before anything was ready to come out. Towards the end of last year I applied for and … Continue reading a sudden break

Poetry reading in Valhalla

I’ve always wanted to visit the great heavenly hall of the Norse gods, so am very honoured to be not only visiting, but reading poetry there this Sunday. I wonder if we will be served  Sæhrímnir? (A boar-like beast cooked & eaten each day in Valhalla, which then appears whole again in the morning.) Of course … Continue reading Poetry reading in Valhalla

porch sitting

It’s quite the year for foxgloves – they have self-seeded everywhere and are growing tall and pretty, especially around the front porch. People don’t seem to use front (street-facing) porches, but mine gets the morning sun, so I put a little table made from an old sewing machine base and chair there for morning cups … Continue reading porch sitting